38 Indivisibles & 1 donkey 🐴 stood in 28° weather yesterday to greet @GovScottWalker @RepGallagher & @RepKitchens . Walker says WI is at risk of a #bluewave and that we're motivated by hate. He's wrong, we're motivated by love. ❤️ But he's right about the 🌊! @IndivisibleTeam

"WI is facing a blue wave...the left is angry & they are motivated & their rhetoric is full of hate."- @GovScottWalker You're wrong about hate, right about 🌊. Did you see our donkey, or were you driving too fast? 🐴 @DCAdvocateNews @IndivisibleTeam https://t.co/3I60ThXJyj

.@RepGallagher may have voted yes today, but we the constituents who drove 3 hours to bring him a tax benefit pie chart (on a pie! 🥧) are doing our best to show him we don't support his vote. @IndivisibleTeam


Hey @repmikegallagher, we drove 3 hours today to bring you a pie (!) and show you how stacked this bill is against, well, most of America. @indivisibleteam

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