Desperately in Need of Bipartisan Legislation

Dear Editor,
As a citizen of this wonderful, diverse, and democratic country, it’s discouraging to look at the direction Donald Trump is taking us. We have a president who governs by Twitter, by untruths, by name calling, by distraction, by sabotaging the Affordable Care Act, by inferring nuclear weapons are an option against North Korea, by not certifying the Iran Nuclear Agreement, and by quietly dismantling many environmental regulations that protect our water, land and air. This is not healthy for our democracy or Americans’ sense of community and country.

The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. Yet, Donald Trump is ending the federal subsidies for the ACA. The Senate couldn’t come up with a replacement plan. So now our present is trying to repeal without any replacement. Health care experts have warned this could put health care insurance exchanges into turmoil and will certainly leave millions of Americans with premiums too high to afford and therefore without health care coverage. Is this the kind of America we want to live in…… where such an important issue as our health care is decided by an executive order that may leave millions of American without affordable health care?

The use of nuclear weapons on any level is unacceptable. Iran is in compliance with the Iran deal. So far the Iran Nuclear Agreement is working. Do we want a nuclear Iran while we’re already confronting a nuclear North Korea? Of course we don’t. Wouldn’t an intelligent, prudent leader listen to his advisors and pursue as much of a diplomatic course as possible with North Korea and certify the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Donald Trump decided to rage against NFL players who are exercising their right to peacefully protest the systematic racism they see threatening their children and communities. However, the president had little to say about the white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville carrying Nazi flags, Confederate flags and bats. He seems to want to stifle the peaceful protests of the NFL players, and yet, to say very little about the ugly spectacle of white supremacists. This is the wrong message. Ours is a nation that strives for tolerance and equality. By his divisiveness and distraction and lack of moral compass, Donald Trump demeans the basic values of our democracy.

It’s hard to stay focused and positive these days. However, when our democracy and social fabric and sense of decency are being challenged by our president on a daily basis, we have to speak up. We’re all in this together. We’re all Americans. I think most of us want the same things: good jobs, safe neighborhoods, freedom to pray or protest peacefully the way we want to, good affordable health care, a clean environment, and a sense of past and present and future that binds us all together.

Donald Trump’s approval, rating according to the October 12, 2017 FiveThirtyEight average of several polls, puts him at a 37.7% approval rating. It seems most Americans are not happy with the way he’s governing. Our senators and congressional representatives have to step up now. We need to see bipartisan legislation that will work for all Americans. We need to be vigilant and keep our democracy robust and strong. I urge you to contact your elected representatives and let them know your thoughts and concerns. They are elected by us, and it’s their job to listen to us.

Glenna Peters
11663 Beach Haven Lane
Sister Bay, WI 54234