Let’s End Gerrymandering in Wisconsin

Dear Editor,

Instead of being one of the most gerrymandered states in America, Wisconsin can become a role model for fair and nonpartisan voting maps. Right now, the main obstacle to fair redistricting in our state is our Republican led state Senate and Assembly. They created our gerrymandered voting districts, and now they are in court trying to keep them that way.

In his budget, Governor Evers asked for $10,000.00 for an independent redistricting commission to create new, fairly drawn voting districts in 2020. As they have done in Iowa, our Governor is proposing we have an independent commission draw our 2020 voting maps. We know this system is working well in Iowa, and it certainly can work in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the Republican led state Senate has removed this $10,000.00 budget item from the budget they’ve handed to Governor Evers.

I say shame on them! In January 2019, the Marquette Law School Survey found that 72% of Wisconsinites prefer having a nonpartisan commission do the redistricting in our state. No matter what your politics are, I hope you can agree that our democracy depends on fairness and every vote should count. When there’s not a level playing field, usually the team that rigs the system wins. Our state Republicans have done just this.

Why on earth wouldn’t you want nonpartisan drawn voting districts? Except, of course, if you want to retain your position of power. Majority “power” should be earned not rigged. An independent commission can create voting districts where the playing field is level, and our elected representatives will have to be responsive to their constituents needs and concerns. I believe that politicians shouldn’t pick their voters. Voters should pick their politicians.

Ask our state Senator Andre Jacque and our state Assemblyman Joel Kitchens what they think and how they can justify keeping Wisconsin as one of the worst gerrymandered states in America. Let them know you support nonpartisan redistricting in Wisconsin.

Glenna Peters

Sister Bay