Make it in America

Recently President Trump loudly and proudly proclaimed “Buy American Week”. Really?

This is an Administration known for its “Do what I say; not what I do” practices, starting on Inauguration Day. Claiming to feature” America First” this gang of hypocrites imports clothing and accessories made around the world to sell to American consumers and most recently hired over 70 foreign workers at its lavish Mara a Lago golf club which masquerades as an alternative “White House”. They even promote their foreign made products directly from the White House!

These contradictory and unethical practices are troubling by themselves, but they underscore the hypocrisy of our current government in Washington. Say one thing and do the other. Promote American products while wearing clothing made in China. Claim you embrace freedom and democracy and cut off debate and discussion and don’t hold town hall meetings. These practices are becoming disturbingly normal.

But not all our elected officials act that way. Senator Tammy Baldwin is honest about her lifestyle. She holds Town Hall Meetings. She works across the aisle co-sponsoring legislation. Currently, she is sponsoring a bill, the “Made in America Water Infrastructure Act”, to have America’s infrastructure rebuilt with products made in this country, not with Chinese and Russian iron and steel. The President seeks photo opportunities. Senator Baldwin seeks results oriented action. Her position on affordable health care for all is another example of the type of leadership we desperately need in this country.

Senator Tammy Baldwin makes me proud to be a Wisconsinite. We need more Senators like her in Washington; not fewer. Please listen to what she says. Watch what she does. I think that you too will find that she is the person you want representing you and Wisconsin in Washington.

Mike Brodd

Sister Bay