Our Democracy is at Risk

The acting Director of the FBI gets vindictively fired, and shortly thereafter our President goes on a Twitter rampage which appears to be laying the groundwork to fire Robert Mueller and stop his independent investigation into the Russian interference in our 2016 election cycle.

President Trump spews out some of his favorite phrases, like “crooked Hillary”, “witch hunt” and “fake news”. And then he adds a new accusation: that the Mueller team is 13 “hardened Democrats.” I guess he didn’t know that Robert Mueller is a Republican and was appointed to the FBI by former Republican President George W. Bush.

If Donald Trump has nothing to hide, why is he launching this attack? Why would he want to stop the investigation? Why is he attacking our FBI, which is one of the top law enforcement agencies in the world.

To keep our democracy and constitution alive and well, I urge all of us to get our elected officials in Washington to start speaking up. Republicans should be asking their Republican president to begin acting presidential. The Senate and House are one of the checks and balances that are essential to our system of government. Let’s let them know that we Americans support the independent counsel’s investigation. We want to know what happened. If we stay silent, the chaos and lying from this administration will continue, and our American values will continue to be diminished. Call, write or email your elected officials.

Governing by insulting, inflammatory and inaccurate tweets is not the way to go. The chaos will just continue, and our democratic values will fall by the wayside. This is why I believe all of us, at home and in Washington have to stand up and speak out. Enough is enough…….what’s going on in the executive branch of our government is not normal.

Glenna Peters

Sister Bay