Reelect Senator Caleb Frostman

Senator Caleb Frostman will work for Northeastern Wisconsin. He will work for you.

Caleb understates that the costs of health care in Door County and NE Wisconsin have squeezed the hard working people who  choose to call this are their home. Add child care costs, an unequal tax burden, and in many cases student loans and the struggles of many are clear to understand. Not blinded by Republican Rhetoric, Caleb can see the true issues facing the people of State Sen at District 1. He will work to reduce those issues to memories.

Whether it is access to broadband or the conditions of our roads, both employers and employee have been let down by Republican Scott Walker and his legislative minions such as Andre Jacque. Act 10 has been devastating to Wisconsin and its schools. Water quality should not be a concern, but it is. Too many solvable problems are being manipulated by the large donor funded Republican controlled statehouse. It is time to make serious changes. Caleb was elected in a special election in June. We need to return him to Madison to continue to work for us –nit the donor class.

It is time for honest, locally based leadership in the Wisconsin Senate. I am financially supporting and voting to Reelect Incumbent Caleb Frostman to the Wisconsin State Senate in District One.

I hope you do the same.

Mike Brodd

Sister Bay