Who could be against fair maps? They are the basis of fair elections!

In neighboring Iowa [and how many other States?] a non-partisan commission determines the boundaries for congressional districts after the census every ten years, as required by the US Constitution.  

Wisconsin citizens deserve the same system here!  A process in which no political party can draw the maps to their electoral advantage!  A process that ensures transparency, by not allowing private attorneys working for the political party presently in power, to draw the boundaries of electoral districts!

Fortunately, there are bills in the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly right now that would create such a non-partisan commission: SB 288 and AB 303.  Our Assemblyman Joel Kitchens is one of four Republicans to co-sponsor the Assembly bill.  Urge our Senator Andre Jacque to co-sponsor the Senate bill!

The bills are in Committee right now.  We must make sure they make it out of Committee to be scheduled for public hearings and a vote.  That is the only way our elected leaders will be on the record as to whether they favor fair maps. 

The US Supreme Court, in their recent ruling on the subject, said it’s the responsibility of the individual States to draw fair maps.  Let’s step up in Wisconsin by letting our legislators know this is a vital issue for fair elections – certainly the hallmark of our democracy!

Sincerely, Karen Wilson