Are we Overtaxed?

Representative Joel Kitchens (R-Dist 1), in his most recent Newsletter, publicly stated that Wisconsinites are “overtaxed” and need a refund.  Why do you think he makes that assertion?

If we are just going to give back the tax dollars the state collected without even considering how these public resources may benefit the common good of Wisconsinites, why do we have a State Government? Why do we have elected “representatives” if all they are going to do is collect our taxes and then pat themselves on the back by returning them?

Are we overtaxed when we have children in this state susceptible to lead poisoning and we do little or nothing about it? Are we overtaxed when our rural internet service is inferior to that of many other countries in the world? Are we overtaxed when Wisconsin’s roads are ranked among the worst in the nation? Are we overtaxed when ground water in many parts of the state is undrinkable?

Are Wisconsin teachers overpaid? Are Wisconsin Public Health Officials ready to cope with the Coronavirus or a similar pandemic if it reaches the state? Are we doing all we can to make the climate of the future livable for our children and grandchildren?

I guess Joel thinks we are all set. If I get a $100+ tax reduction, do you really think I can personally and individually fix the state’s roads, improve rural internet service, improve education and while I am at it, reduce air and water pollution, support the State Parks, and make a contribution to the State Highway Patrol fund?

A Republican tax reduction does not improve the quality of life in Wisconsin. It improves the gerrymandered job security of the elected Republican majority. We need to ask Representative Kitchens to explain what he means by “overtaxed”. I think we are underrepresented and consequently under served as well.

Mike Brodd

Sister Bay