Bumble Bees are Dots Too


Dots, dots, and more dots. As we connect them we get a clearer picture of what is going on, and most importantly, where we as citizens fit in the picture.

Bees are dots too. Bees pollinate our food supply and with out them the entire world would go hungry. Bees also fuel the Door County economy, pollinating the cherry and apple trees that give us pies, jellies & jams, applesauce, cider and one of the most important commodities of all: Tourists. We need that “Bee dot” to be healthy, to be strong, to be resilient and vigorous.

Recently, the Republican/Trump Administration’s Environmental Protection (a dot) EPA has  approved a bee-killing pesticide for widespread use on many crops  (another dot). The EPA is led by people appointed by the  Republican/Trump Administration (another dot), elected by the people of this country (another dot) who eat the food, own the farms, and generally benefit from a healthy environment and economy (a whole bunch of dots).

When we connect those dots we have a picture of both elected officials and the voters who put them in power and a pile of dead bees. Focus on this picture. Savor a Cherry pie with no cherries. Taste some applesauce and cider that don’t contain any apples. Then  contact Rep. Mike Gallagher, Senator Ron Johnson, and Senator Tammy Baldwin and ask them if they want some of your virtual pie or cider.

The bees can’t vote. They need us. We need them. Connect the dots. Did you vote to kill bees? I didn’t.

How are you going to vote next time? We need to connect dots before we vote. It can be too late to do it afterward.

Mike Brodd

Sister Bay