Indivisible Readies iteslf for the next Blue Wave

Indivisible Door County is proud to part of the nationwide network of 6,000 Indivisble “Chapters”. On  Nov. 6, 2918 Rachel Maddow did a segemnt on Indivisible recognizing and giving credit to its role in the election results that evening:

Since that day, Indivisible has released “Indivisible 2.0”  or Indivisible On Offense: A  Practical Guide to The New Democratic House. The guide has two major sections. One focuses on the strategy for working at the Federal Level, and one section focused on state level actions.

Links  to those two sections and some Introductiory thoughts are here.

Indivisible Door County will be reviewing those documents and having several meetings to discuss our involvement in these intiaitves (as well as other ideas that we have ourselves) after we have a chance to disgest everythng and condsider the alternatives.

Please feel free to make suggestions to Mike ([email protected] or [email protected]) or to Judy ([email protected] or [email protected])