Power to the People

I know that a whopping one third of this of this Country believes that the President is doing a good job. I accept their right to their opinion, but I must question their judgement. Additionally, I feel I must add my sincere concern that the political party in power at this time, is not only an embarrassment to its self, but along with the President, a real threat to the future of this country. Many Americans have children and or grandchildren that are going to be living in and paying for the incredible mess that our present gang of “leaders” and their donors are creating.

But, Tuesday, Nov. 7, should give the country both hope and purpose. We don’t have to silently accept the racist, misogynistic, dishonest, greedy, unethical, and generally dysfunctional and disappointing policies, language, and actions of those in power. We can change all of that. We can help our children and their children. We can, as Rep. John Lewis famously said, “… Get out there and push, stand up, and get in the way…”. We can register to and then vote, we can call or write letters and emails to our elected officials, we can go to and participate in school board or town, village and or County board meetings. We can write letters to the Editor expressing our opinions. Some of us could run for office!

What is going on in Washington is not normal; it should not be silently tolerated. We need not silently accept what is happening in Washington. Our Constitution provides us with the power, the right, and the responsibility to manage our government.  Himself a Republican, President Lincoln, did not say, this is a “…. government of the DONORS, by the DONORS, and for the DONORS…” I believe the word he used, was PEOPLE. We need to make voices heard: call, write, get out there. One third of the country is not a majority. We can right this ship.

Mike Brodd

Sister Bay