The nurses and doctors, janitors and housekeeping staff, bus drivers, meat cutters, fishermen and women, farmers, shippers, grocery store employees, navy sailors, national guard, firemen, police and the press are those who face COVID 19 every day to do their jobs so that we can stay healthy, fed, and informed.  These are the very good people!!  They are our American “Patriots”.

The anti “Stay At Home” protesters brandishing their assault weapons shouting spit at the police and nurses are NOT very good people.  They are screaming bullies whose “rights” require others to die.  When President Trump called them “very good people” I wept.

Governor Evers, state health officials, and governors across the nation have the approval rating of 80 to 90 percent for their data based decision making, methodical and science based plans fighting against COVID 19.  We know who the very good people are – the ones trying to save our lives.

WI Republicans, on the other hand, are advocating reopening the WI economy after consulting with the CEOs of companies by an arbitrary date.  To fuel a power struggle they are using tax payer funds to take Governor Evers to court!! Many Republicans have admitted establishing an early date to reopen will allow us to deny workers unemployment benefits. Really??  Are they very good people?

We can’t afford to vote for Trump in November.  Our lives depend on it!  In fact, I believe, we cannot vote for any Republican who is willing to discard our workers to achieve approval and donations from their wealthy Republican executive donors.

You decide who the very good people are!  I am voting for Joe Biden for President, Amanda Stuck, District 8 Congressional District and Kim Jensen, State Assembly District 1.

Judy Brodd, Sister Bay, WI