[Since this Letter to Representative Kitchens was written, things have changed although the underlying issue of Republican foot dragging remains. Governor Evers has been asking the legislature for most of the measures in the current bill since mid-March, so I am not overly impressed by the action of the Assembly to pass a bill in mid-April. It is certainly a more rational approach than we have come to expect from this legislature.]

Joel C. Kitchens,

The people of Wisconsin cannot continue to wait for the legislature to act. We need a meaningful response to COVID-19 that fully supports workers.The health and safety of Wisconsin working families must by the top priority of our legislative leaders, not scoring partisan political points or sneaking irrelevant matters into bills (certification of nursing assistants, funding of schools, etc.)!Wisconsin legislators must come together to ensure additional support for unemployed workers—including the repeal of the one-week waiting period to collect unemployment insurance; adequate funding for health care facilities; expansion of health insurance programs for working families; and increased support for our local communities fighting COVID-19.Wisconsin Republicans must stop playing politics with the Wisconsin coronavirus relief package and pass a meaningful bill that adequately addresses the needs of the people of Wisconsin.The whole country is watching after last week’s debacle! Actions speak loudly, and the WI GOP has behaved badly in the eyes of the country ever since you held your special session to tie the hands of the newly elected Governor in relation to health care. The other special sessions that lasted minutes with no chance for debate have not gone unnoticed. Wisconsin has become a bad example for the country (and perhaps the world) because of you. Take hee.

Estella Lauter
Fish Creek, WI